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Increase in online sales VATTENFALL

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Of online sales come through chat sales with MARTELA

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Boost in quality leads from chat with SWISSPEARL

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End Customer Satisfaction

"The best thing about Upseller's service has been the feedback received from customers. So the service plays really well in the direction of customers, as it should be."

Marko Vikki, Product manager at Swisspearl

"The chatbot has truly become one of our most important communication channels."

Business Development Manager at Suomen Asiakastieto Oy

"The best thing about Upseller's service has been the feedback received from customers. So the service plays really well in the direction of customers, as it should be."

Marko Vikki, Product manager at Swisspearl

Ai Sales agency, what is it?

Instead of of trying to figure out how to get actual sales results from online, we do it for you from start to finish.  With +10 years of hands on experience. 

Winning solutions

Upseller is an generic operator partnering with best softwares and technologies in the market. For your benefit!

We go for results

We are hungry for results. High quality  quotations, direct sales and better customer service NPS. 

Reach your business goals with our tailored services
Analyze & design
Operating AI automation
AI Driven Live Chat Sales
Software included

Analyze and design

Building a digital customer experience and sales starts from understanding the customer’s behavior and needs, the company’s business goals, opportunities brought by technology and identifying available resources.

  1. Auditing
  2. Analysis
  3. Concepting
  4. Planning design and functionality
  5. Building MVP / Pilot

Operating AI automation

We make sure that your chat and chatbot service runs and delivers results. Teaching AI, Monitoring, teaching, improving and managing data as a service.

Service operating:

  1. Data and content management
  2. Fine-tuning and teaching
  3. Technical monitoring and continuous development
  4. Analysis that makes sense
  5. Insights and smooth co-operation

AI Driven Live Chat Sales 

Experience and focus on sales are key to success when driving for sales and quality leads. Upseller’s live chat experts make sales and leads with the help of AI. They are your dedicated sales team in chat. The customer satisfaction rate of our chat service is over 90% and the response time is less than 10 seconds.

Live chat service with AI:

  1. Definition of sales goals
  2. Chat team training
  3. Implementation, monitoring and development of the service
  4. Continuous development
  5. Operating and reporting

Software included

Upseller provides all the software  you need with fixed monthly cost. You don’t need to buy the software, we provide it for You. You have a software allready, no problem. We work that too. We know how to drive the results for Your purposes and what works the best in your use case. 

Software as a service:

  1. Software choices
  2. Setup and integrations
  3. Administration

Success Stories

Vattenfall achieves 135% sales growth through Upseller´s services

Swisspearl boosts lead conversion rate to 65% with upseller chat.

Upseller Live Chat handles 35% of Martela B2B sales inquiries

Technology Partners

Partnering with the best AI, chatbot, chat, integration and analytics technologies to meet your needs.