Upseller Live Chat Handles 35% of Martela B2B Sales Inquiries

Martela, founded in 1945, provides top-quality furniture and workspace solutions. A Nordic market leader, the company also offers furniture recycling and moving services. To meet the growing need for quick, efficient customer support, Martela turned to live chat options.
  • Resource Limitation: Martela didn’t have the in-house manpower to sustain a customer chat service, leading to its abandonment.
  • Quality Control: Concerns about whether an external partner could maintain Martela’s high standards and understand their specific industry needs.
  • Live Chat Service: We provide an integrated chat service on Martela’s website to manage sales and customer queries.
  • Team Integration: Our expert sales team act as a part of Martela’s sales, marketing, and customer service teams.
  • Sales Optimization: With years of expertise, Upseller’s team deeply familiarizes with Martela’s products and services, continuously refines their chat services, and improves visual elements to optimize sales potential and enhance customer interactions.


Sales Generated by Chat


Customer Satisfaction Rate


customer satisfaction in a class of its own.

Martela is one of the leading companies in the Nordic countries in providing office furniture.
Martela had tried the chat with their own customer service team, but the complex of the chat system.
However, Martela understood that chat is an important part of the customer service channel selection and they started to think about whether an external operator could produce a chat service on their website. Among the alternatives, Upseller was selected as a partner due to its sales operating model.

Upseller handles sales & customer service
as part of Martela’s own team

At Upseller, we blend right into our client’s sales, marketing, and customer service teams, as we do with Martela. Right from the start, our sales team gets to know Martela’s products and services inside out. We keep our skills sharp and up-to-date by working closely with Martela, ensuring we deliver top-notch service.

Upseller Chat Solution: A Vital Sales Channel for Martela

35% of Martela’s sales contacts now come through Upseller chat channel. This channel not only brings in new offers but also boosts sales significantly, proving its value. 

Our team is committed to improving how chat services work. We stay actively involved, constantly checking in and suggesting enhancements for Martela’s site, especially around chat functionality, visual design, and the potential use of bots.

Effective sales processes are key to success. We gather detailed information about our customers and their buying stages to tailor our chat services for Martela’s target customers.

Our efforts are focused on aligning our actions with Martela’s strategic goals, ensuring that everything we do together delivers real value to both our customers and our company.

Pilvi Brusila said: “We never doubted that partnering with Upseller was the right choice.”

“Our customers can’t tell the difference between Upseller’s service and ours. I was really surprised by how fast Upseller learned about our business during training and even brought up areas we’ve overlooked.”

Pilvi Brusila

Martela Oyj Customer Sales Service Manager

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