Smart conversational chatbots and chat sales
as a service


Ready to use AI Chatbots as a Service

We make AI chatbots that help you to automate customer service up to 70%.

The entire solution as a service; we provide the technology, conversation design expertise & resources to train the AI chatbot for you.


Commission based online chat sales as a service

Want to increase your sales online? We bring skilled live chat sales agents to your website. Our sales agents are specially trained for your company’s products and service.

Our pricing is based on the results we deliver, so you can be sure you are not paying for useless conversations.

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Training the AI

Chatbot is far from ready the day it’s implemented because not even the best of us can predict how people will interact with the new chatbot. That’s why we have developed a method how to train the chatbots and make them work as expected.

We will provide you with:

  • Skilled AI trainers
  • Analytics to measure the performance of the bot
  • Continuous development (UX, conversation design, adding and improving content, teaching new intents and validating existing ones)

Conversation design

Building Chatbots is not a technological challenge, it’s about building conversational experiences that customers love. 

The machine brings the technical capabilities but human is an emotional being. By combining these two, we can create unique automated customer experiences.

We have cumulated large amounts of conversational data from thousands of sales and customer service situations and years of experience from doing live chat. Now we are turning those assets to designing conversational bots.


Best chat sales agents

Our chat sales agents have done more than 50 m€ worth of new sales to our customers. 

Chatbots can handle frequently asked questions but a sales person is required when there is demand for empathy and negotiation skills to close deals. 

In addition to chat sales agents, our customer teams include a trainer, who’s responsible for the service quality and know how of our chat sales agents.

Most advanced features

Analytics and optimization
Live reporting
Hybrid model – AI chatbot + live chat
AI suggestion engine
for customer service
Strong identification
Secure document signing