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Does chat sales really work for your business and how well it increases sales? The easiest way to find out is to try. For that reason we provide a three month trial period for all our new customers. After the trial period you have concrete numbers to show what are the benefits.

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1Fast and easy to start

Chat sales is fast and easy to employ. You simply install the chat software (much like installing Google analytics) to your site, provide training to our sales agents and we take care of the rest.

We will provide you with the instructions how to install the software. We will also help you to prepare for the training, so that our sales agents know exactly how to sell your products and services and how to represent your brand online.


We always tailor our chat service to match your brand. We personalize the chat windows, greeting messages and overall appearance to your request. Our chat is optimized to your webpage, online marketing and visibility in different channels. Our online sales agents address your customers according to your communication guidelines!

3Risk free to try

Testing and trying out our chat sales is risk free and easy. A trial period can be up and running in five business days. During a three month trial period we make sure that the chat service works according to your expectations. During the trial period we fine tune our activities online, set clear goals for the chat sales and build a common sales process.

4Second layer co-operation

Upseller chat sales service works in unison with your own customer service and sales. Our chat sales agents are the first contact. They handle the online interaction with customers and deliver hot sales leads to your sales and filtered customer service requests to your customer service desk.

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