More than just a chat.

Analytics tells you why your customers buy, optimization multiplies the results

We constantly test and analyze our service to learn what works and what doesn’t. We know why your customers buy from you and we know how to optimize the chat to provide better results. At the end, you will get more and better quality leads, increased customer satisfaction and more sales.

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1The most advanced reporting

Our reporting dashboard is leading the way in the market. It provides you with realtime business intelligence on how the chat channel is performing. You can make the right business decisions easily, leaving you time on more pressing issues than flipping through rows of data that you can’t make sense of. We can also build custom reporting views to suite your needs.


We deliver the sales leads to your sales staff via the method that works best for you. We can integrate into your sales and marketing software and have the leads delivered directly to your CRM for example. Ask us more about the possibilities.

3Chat service to where your customers are

Multiply the number of sales leads you get from your digital channels by bringing online sales staff to where your customers are. We can include the chat service into different domains, portals and banner ads.

4Second layer co-operation

Our chat-sales works seamlessly together with your own sales and customer service department. Upseller’s sales staff works in the front line seeking customers from within the online visitors, while your own staff handle sales calls and the more technical customer service requests.

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