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Our chat-sales agents are skilled online sales professionals. They dedicate time and effort to learn how to sell your products and services, and how to properly interact with your clientele. Finding and creating sales opportunities is what they do best.

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1High level sales argumentation

What sets us apart from other chat operators in the market is our capability to high level sales argumentation. We know what to say and ask in order to provide value in each conversation and help the customers with their purchase decisions.

2Price Inquiries

Customers are often interested about the prices of products and services, and they think chat is a convenient method of making inquiries. Our chat sales agents are trained and skilled in turning these situation into sales. They know how to divert the focus away from mere price towards discovering the true problem and demand the person has. They also know how to convince the person to continue the negotiation with a sales manager.

3Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Customer service situations often provide a great opportunity for sales. Our chat sales agents are good at seeking up-sell and cross-sell opportunities instead of only answering questions. Increasing customer value is one of the key areas where chat sales can deliver proven value.

4Help in finding information

Quite often website visitors are unable to find the information they are looking for and they end up leaving the site. Our chat agents will help your customers to locate the information they are looking for. Furthermore, they can provide value to the customers that the website itself can’t do. At the end, satisfied customers are more likely to purchase and come back for more.
Based on the questions we receive in chat, we can also help you to improve your website to better serve your customers.

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